All guards on selection shall be put through a special training module so as to familiarize them with the security needs at site. On the job training shall be provided at all guards who are deployed as replacement as & when required .

Training shall be conducted in our own class rooms as well as at site.

Supervision of the security operations.
Supervision of security operation shall be carried out by security executives to ensure guard alertness / proper turn out and to provide feedback for further improvement. Communication and quick response. Out security staff has been provided with mobile phones to ensure immediate response to any security related client requirement.


  • Security staff will be briefed to act as the eyes and ears of the client. They will particularly identify any unusual behavior of the staff any union like activities.
  • To collect information of any anti client activities being planned to damage client property and report of security control office immediately.
  • To get information of any disturbance in any department /ward/floor/any other areas and inform security control office

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